Self-driving Group Tour Crossing China from Mongolia to Laos 10.10 - 02.11.2016

- Cross China from Mongolia to Laos from 10.10 to 02.11.2016
By Greatway Tour • 23-02-2024

From 10.10.2016, there are 20 valuable guests (4 cute children among them) with 8 vehicles traveling crossing China from Mongolia to Laos. Welcome more travelers joining in us! Everyone is looking forward to this special self-driving travel group crossing China, and they hope to meet new friends from different countries and different places. Today we’re very glad to receive following email from Felice and Luke:
Happy to have another car in the group! We're visiting family right now but will pay our part of the deposit in a couple of days.
Matthieu and family, thanks for the nice info! We'll definitely want to ask you questions about driving in Southeast Asia, as we will be driving around there after as well, and we are a bit confused about visa and license requirements!
I know I've given our "introduction" to some of you, but I think maybe not everyone! So here it is - Luke is Australian (36) and I'm American and Australian (30). We're in the US now, travelling to London (via Iceland!) on 2 May. We'll be driving through Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and then Mongolia to meet you lovely people! After that we will hang out around Southeast Asia for a few months, visit family in Australia, and then back to the US.

Happy travels to everyone!
The itinerary of this self drive group tour through China is as below:
Day01 10.10.2016 Mon Enter China at Erlianhaote (also Ehrenhot)
In the morning arriving in Erlianhaote, administrative formalities. 2N at 4*Haifeng Hotel
Day02 11.10.2016 Tue Erlianhaote: assist to obtain your temporary drive license and vehicle tag heuer replica watches etc. if time is enough, visit the dinosaur museum. And we would like to suggest to buy a sim card with the assistance of the guide.
Day03 12.10.2016 Wed Erlianhaote - Ulan Qab (340km, approx. 7h): national road G208, highway. 1N in 3*Bihai Hotel
Day04 13.10.2016 Thu Ulan Qab - Zhangjiakou - Great Wall at Badaling - Beijing (354km in 5 hours): highway G55. 2N at Long Palace Hotel
Day05 14.10.2016 Fri Beijing: Forbidden City, Tian'anmen Square, Temple of Heaven.
Day06 15.10.2016 Sat Beijing - Datong (347km in 4 hours 30min, highway). visit Yungang Grottoes. 1N at 4*Datong Hotel
Day07 16.10.2016 Sun Datong - Taiyuan - Pingyao (413km, approx. 7 hours). National road+ provincial road, asphalt road. On the way visit the Hanging Monastery (= Xuankong Si) in Hunyuan and the wooden pagoda in Yingxian. 2N at 2*Dejuyuan Hotel
Day08 17.10.2016 Mon Old City Pingyao- Changzhi(207km, 3h): visit the old city Pingyao. Night in Changzhi hotel.
Day09 18.10.2016 Tue Changzhi - Luoyang: (203 km, highway, 3h) visite blanc horse temple. Night in Luoyang.
Day10 19.10.2016 Wed Luoyang - Xi’an( 344km, 5h) continue to Xi’an and night by the Eerracontta Wrrors.
Day11 20.10.2016 Thu Xian: Terracotta Warriors, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Ancient City Wall.
Day12 21.10.2016 Fri Xian - Guangyuan ( Tausend-Buddha-Felsen): highway, 437km, 6 hours. 1N at 4*Guangyuan International Hotel
Day13 22.10.2016 Sat Guangyuan - Mianyang - Guanghan - Chengdu, highway, 290km, 4 hours: visit the Sanxingdui Museum in Guangyuan. 2N in 4*Sofis National Hotel
Day14 23.10.2016 Sun Chengdu-Leshan -Emeishan(210 km, 2h): visite the Giant bouddha in Leshan. Night at Emeishan hotel.
Day15 24.10.2016 Mon Emeishan - Yaan - Xichang, highway, 418km: visit Giant Panda Base of Breeding and Research in Bifengxia near Yaan, strolls by the Qionghai Lake in Xichang. 1N at 3*Meilihua Hotel
Day16 25.10.2016 Tue Xichang - Lugu lake : (251km 7h) Night by the Lugu lake.
Day17 26.10.2016 Wed Lugu lake -Lijiang (219km, 6h) Night in Sanhe hotel.
Day18 27.10.2016 Thu Lijiang – Dali (160km): Lijiang Ancient Town, Baisha Murals, Black Dragon Pool (Heilong Tan), Dongba Culture Museum, Wangu Tower. drive to Dali. Visit Three Pagodas, boating on Erhai Lake and visit Dali Ancient Town. 1N at 3*Landscape Hotel
Day19 28.10.2016 Fri Dali – Chuxiong – Lufeng (Dinosaur Museum) – Kunming 330km. 1N at 2*Camellia Hotel
Day20 29.10.2016 Sat Kunming - Stone Forest – Jianshui 290km, 6hrs. 2N at 3*Huaqing Hotel
Day21 30.10.2016 Sun Jianshui - Yuanyang: visit Garden of Family Zhang at Tuanshan Village, Double Dragon Bridge, Chaoyang Floor, Jianshui Ancient town, Confucius Temple, etc.
Day22 31.10.2016 Mon Yuanyang – Jiangcheng 269km. visit Jingkou Village of Hani People and terraces in Shengcun and Duoyishu Village.1N at simple guesthouse
Day23 01.11.2016 Tue Jiangcheng – Mengla – Mohan 230km. 1N at simple guesthouse
Day24 02.11.2016 Wed Mohan exit into Laos. Service ended.  

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