Tibet Winter Travel. Lhasa Winter Travel

In winter, Tibet is quiet, dignified, beautiful and generous. Most travelers imagined that Tibet is quite cold and completely covered with snow in winter. One thought - it is impossible that people have a trip to Tibet in winter - takes root in their brain, so most tourists plan to visit Tibet only in spring, summer and autumn. In fact, in winter, visitors can use a 4WD vehicle to reach most of the sights such as Lhasa, Yamdrok Lake, Gyantse, Shigatse, Tsetang, Nyingtri (Linzhi), and even Rongbuk Monastery at Mountain Everest, Kyirong and Nam Tso Lake, and they will admire completely different landscapes of Tibet.

In winter, the temperature difference between day and night is noticeable in Tibet: so cold in the morning and evening, and feeling very warm under the sun. In the shade one would tremble because of cold, and in the sunshine one would expect a cold beer. In order to get used to the temperature difference and feel comfortable, you should wear warm in the morning and evening and take the jacket by hand at noon. In most regions of Tibet, the weather is sunny with clouds. The lowest temperature is from minus 5 ℃ to minus 8 ℃ and the highest temperature is between 9 ℃ and 14 ℃. Besides, the wind is dry and strong.


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